Make Change in Lives of People From Underserved Areas in Brevard County, Florida.

The campaign "Make Brevard Beautiful" restores and creates key areas where the community gets together to make the county safer, healthier and more attractive to local and outside communities.

About Make Brevard Beautiful

The goal of the campaign is to restore and create key areas where the community gets together to make the county safer, healthier and more attractive to local and outside communities.

Campaign includes:

  • Restoration of 1566 University Lane housing project,
  • Weekly “Sunday Fun Day” for youth and adults, with team work and soft skills development activities,
  • Local volunteer opportunities – with focus on learning by doing, building teamwork and communication skills.

Show Your Support

Click here to donate to support our local volunteers in California in distributing words of love to strangers in need of encouragement. Your contribution matters as we come together as the community of friendly strangers of #strangernation.

3 Ways How Your Contribution Will Help Redevelop Cocoa Community

1. You'll Contribute To Decrease Crime, Increase Health and Community’s Well Being

Through ‘Make Brevard Beautiful’ Campaign, ITTS works with underserved communities in Cocoa, Florida, with current crime exceeding by 254% crime rate in the United States.

The ‘1566 University Lane Housing Project’ renovates the housing project buildings to increase health and safety of the 12 families with kids. The project, launched in March 2017 with the donations from strangers, has brought locals together to volunteer and renovate first unit and set up local chapter of I TALK TO STRANGERS® office within the underserved community. This will allow us to serve local youth and adults and provide them with programs addressed to specific needs.

With over 20 kids living in the 1566 project, currently there is no playground or any space for the youngest to safely play. This is the reason why, together with renovations of the units, we are looking forward to build community spaces for meetups, fun and leisure with programs and activities that strengthen community and empower younger and older individuals through experiential learning.

As part of the community building, every Sunday I TALK TO STRANGERS® organizes ‘Sunday Fun Day’ to thank local volunteers and the community for their work and contribution to the project.

2. You'll Help Underserved Youth Learn Life Skills And Access Opportunities

In the area of ‘1566 University Lane Project’, 52% of the youth lives under poverty line, with limited or no access to the computer with internet as well as educational materials. What is more, kids and youth in the community are not always provided with full meals and healthy alternatives to provide necessary nutritions for physical growth.

Through ‘Sunday Fun Day’ youth plays fun, team building games and activities and receives free BBQ meal. Because of the engagement and motivation of the youth to be part of the community renovation project, I TALK TO STRANGERS®  has created local youth volunteering roles.

They provide development opportunities to the youngest in the community to increase their learning capabilities, making learning fun and interactive, with key focus on STEM. During their volunteer hours, they learn essential soft skills, like communication, teamwork, responsibility and leadership. What is more, they can now meet positive role models and the upcoming mentorship program will support their education and long-term growth.

3. You'll Provide Vocational Training for Adult Volunteers To Increase Their Qualifications

With the community initiatives around the city, I TALK TO STRANGERS® Foundation recruits and trains local volunteers equipping them with valuable skills that can be used in the future. That includes vocational training, developing team work, communication and leadership skills. This is an attractive alternative for unemployed and underserved adults to increase their qualifications that can be later used in professional environment.

What is more, volunteering allows individuals to increase their self-esteem and confidence in own abilities. The adults, many of them growing up in the underserved areas themselves, have now the opportunity to build and support their own community and feel empowered to adjust their lifestyle and learn essential skills to help them access more opportunities.  

Give Now To Support Local Community

All people in the United States deserve access to quality education and equal opportunities in life. By choosing to make this 100% tax-deductible donation you are helping underserved communities in Brevard County, Florida get access to more opportunities, experiences, and live in cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful environment.