The World’s First Documentary About Strangers Funded by Strangers

Young U.S. congressional staffer, risks it all to embark on a journey of faith to unite various ethical, racial, political, and socio-economic groups through conversation.

Robbie Sylvester Stokes, Jr., a former NASA apprentice, leads an international volunteer team of young professionals in search of a peaceful world unknown. Facing uncertainty, a small idea of peaceful conversations leading into community building activities build into a young non-governmental organization that tackles complex and challenging social issues across over 30 nations round the world.

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About the Film

The I TALK TO STRANGERS® Film is a 90-minute documentary, currently in production. The movie tells the story of human connectivity, the power of conversation, and international community building efforts led by the I TALK TO STRANGERS® Foundation.

Through the interviews and the use of exclusive, unseen conversational film footage, photos and other archival material, the I TALK TO STRANGERS®  Film depicts the genuine lives of everyday people and their personal forms of expression through conversation and dialogue.

The orignal stories of the  I TALK TO STRANGERS®  Film were captured across the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and multiple countries in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The film documents the everyday lives of public figures, citizens, leaders, celebrities, artists, educators, and students of different social, economical, and cultural backgrounds.

Support this Work

Click here to support the world’s first documentary film about strangers funded by strangers!

The Film Funded by Strangers

Strangers from around the world have contributed to the initial funds to develop the I TALK TO STRANGERS® story and set the pre-production of the movie.

Additional funds  are going to cover the post-production work to improve the film's animations, music licensing, final sound mix, and color correction.

For the benefit of the strangers supporting the film,  the movie has been granted the use of a 501(c)3 tax-certificate for fiscal sponsorship through the I TALK TO STRANGERS® Production fund. This allows you to make a donation as an organization or as an individual, and to contibute to the outreach, screenings, and the distribution of this story.

Florida State University along with a Florida-based private cinema have already sponsored the initial screenings of the demo screenplay of the I TALK TO STRANGERS® film.

Meet the Production Team

Robbie Sylvester Stokes, Jr.
Executive Producer

Originally born in a U.S. military hospital, Robbie has lived in 5 countries, and visited 30+ in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. With a passion for Intercultural Dialogue and Community Event Coordination, for 12+ years, Robbie has been implementing socially responsible projects growing action-based leaders across local communities worldwide.

Scott duPont p.g.a

Scott T. duPont, an American actor, film producer, host and author, has acted in over 3 dozen films and television shows, produced over a dozen films. He is currently an active member of SAG-AFTRA and the Producers Guild of America and working on a new documentary film currently titled “Confidential Film Project” to be released in 2019.

Natalia Bilobrzewska
Executive Director

Natalia is a social entrepreneur from Poland with a professional background in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Marketing campaigns and Digital Project Management for international businesses. Natalia's professional focus supports a global vision and strategic accuracy of Intercultural Development. 

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Click here to support the world’s first documentary film about strangers funded by strangers!