Our Approach

Although technology enables us to stay in touch instantly, it is human-to-human interaction that creates meaningful connections, build mutual understanding and breaks stereotypes, creating positive collaborations among strangers.

I TALK TO STRANGERS® is is a global social movement and American 501(c)3 non-governmental organization that unites individuals through conversation, enriching dialog and understanding. That includes various ethnic, racial, political, and socio-economic groups, people of different ages, religions, sexuality.

From the intimate Tuesday Talks with Strangers in various neighbourhoods to community events with over 2,000 participants, the Movement has successfully united strangers through enriching conversations.

To learn more about the I TALK TO STRANGERS® Approach, watch this TEDx Talk by the founder Robbie Stokes Jr. “Why you should talk to strangers”.

Our Mission to Connect the World

The mission of the I TALK TO STRANGERS® Foundation, Inc. is to connect the world through a conversation. Our mission supports the vision of the movement of creating peace worldwide by creating programs and partnerships with organizations that promote enriching dialogue and positive collaborations among strangers.

These conversations are geared to give individuals increased opportunities, experiences, and understandings about the world and the people around them. Talking to strangers encourages and challenges a person to create genuine relationships and meet new friends.

Our Story

The idea of I TALK TO STRANGERS® Movement was originated in 2012 by Robbie Stokes Jr. Stokes, former NASA consultant who had been employed at the US House of Representatives, decided five years ago to drop it all, and sell his belongings, to hopscotch across the globe to talk to whomever he could meet.

That voyage took him to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Italy, Ghana, Israel, Egypt, Fiji, Bahamas, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Poland, Romania, Mexico, United States, Greece, China, South Korea, and other countries.

“We could solve many of our problems if we made an effort to meet and learn from strangers. We can look beyond preconceived notions and stereotypes and seek to find areas of agreement.”

-Robbie Stokes Jr.

During his travels, Robbie  saw that the idea of connecting people is universal and supported by strangers. This is how the I TALK TO STRANGERS® Movement was born. Shortly after, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization was built to support the Movement and unite everyone through conversation. 

Meet the Team

We are a small, agile team of dedicated professionals that manages I TALK TO STRANGERS initiatives and volunteers in the U.S. and internationally.

With the passion and commitment, we get the things done making impact with local volunteers in the communities that need it the most.

Robbie Sylvester Stokes, Jr.

Starnetta Wariso
Business Director
Strong, passionate leader, never backs up from a challenge.

Natalia Białobrzewska
Communications Director
Intelligent cross-cultural communicator seeking fairness.

Jasmine Washington
Internal Director
Business-savvy wizkid fighting for equal rights and education.

Toriano Evans
Technology Director
Team player with a love of automation and innovation.

Deborah Bronson
ITTS Florida Executive Director
Passionate listener, first to the job, last to leave.

Alisa Choi Darcy
ITTS Canada Executive Director
Global strategist and local executer.

Next Steps...

ITTS maintains a high standard of engagement and listening to the people who help make it possible.

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